Girl suffers cut above her eye while playing at The Artground One Holland Village

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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A girl suffered a cut just above her eye while playing at The Artground at One Holland Village on Dec 31.

The Artground is an arts charity dedicated to children.

The girl's mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, shared a photo of her daughter's injury with Stomp and expressed her concerns regarding the safety of the interactive arts space.

"My six-year-old had been playing confidently and she accidentally slipped and hit her eye on the structure," the Stomper said.

"It cut her eyelid and she was sent to the A&E with stitches."

The Stomper said that the medical bill came up to $300.

She later reached out to The Artground to better understand what had happened and wanted to know what could be done to avoid other children experiencing the same 'trauma'.

"Unfortunately, I was told this is a 'public space' despite us paying a small fee to enter, and that they are not liable for this accident," she said.

When she requested CCTV footage, the mother was told that she would have to pay a $160 masking fee to mask the faces of the other children in the arts space.

The Artground offered to either cover the CCTV masking fee or co-pay 50 per cent, up to $350 of the medical bill out of goodwill.

However, the Stomper declined.

"In my opinion, they should pay for both and not offer options to me at this moment," she said.

"If they paid for both, it is still within $500."

In an email response seen by Stomp, The Artground said they were sorry for the distress her daughter had experienced but concluded that what had happened was a 'pure accident' as the point of impact was a rounded piece and not a sharp edge.

The mother added that she has since posted about what happened on Facebook and said another mum shared that her kid had suffered a similar injury at The Artground.

"For me, it's okay if there are bruises or injuries on the hand or body but a cut on the eyelid... I'm having goosebumps looking at the photo.

"In my opinion, hitting a rounded piece leading to a deep cut on the eyelid and being sent to the A&E is even more alarming compared to hitting a sharp edge."

The Stomper said she has also reported the matter to her member of parliament (MP).

"They are sorry for this incident however, their recovery action speaks otherwise," she said.

"Enter at your own risk, my girl almost lost her vision."

In response to a Stomp query, The Artground said: "We have been in touch with [the mother] and have reached out to her again.

"The Artground cares for children and their families, and it is with this in mind, that we set out to create meaningful art experiences for families to bond.

"Our interactive art spaces regularly undergo risk assessments and safety checks, and we will continue to work hard to improve our visitors' experience."