Thank you reservist officer, for your encouraging words to my son at Yishun open house

Stomper Tiffany was touched to see a reservist officer inspiring her son at the Open house 2016 held in Yishun on June 26.

She wrote:

"I would like to express my sincerest appreciation to your reservist officer, Mr Subhi for his inspirational and encouraging words for my son during the Open house 2016 held at Blk 428 of Yishun on June 26.

"I would say he is a people person with positive character.

"I would like to share a sentence that he had quoted, 'Be kind and nice,as this will help you to be a good kid and a man as you grow up'.

"Even though he's wearing the police uniform for a short period, but I guess he portrayed a lifetime of good impression to the uniform.

"Thank you for your time sir."

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