Mysterious kind soul offers mosquito repellent spray to Bishan residents

Submitted by Stomper Unknown

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A Stomper noticed a poster and an oil mosquito repellent spray at Block 196 Bishan Street 13, apparently placed there by an unknown thoughtful soul.

A message on the paper read: "Essential oil mosquito repellent spray for body.

"For use from 3 years and above. A gift from a resident in Block 196.

"I made it myself using ingredients indicated on the bottle. Stay Safe. Stay Zika Free.

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"Some information on the active ingredients in this repellent: Lemon Eucalyptus."

A QR code and a link was also provided on the poster.

The kind soul also put up little stickers with the recipe written on them.

It has certainly gotten attention from some of the residents as they wrote thank you messages on the paper.