From industry to ITE: Winner of CET Trainer Award took leap of faith to become lecturer

This article was contributed by the Institute of Technical Education (ITE).

Muhammad Zairi Ismail
Lecturer/Architectural Technology, ITE College Central
Recipient of the ITE CET Trainer Award 2020

Previously a Senior Technical Manager at an established architectural firm, one of ITE’s inaugural Continuing Education & Training (CET) Trainer Award recipients, Mr Muhammad Zairi Ismail did not plan on becoming a lecturer.

It was through a chance recommendation by a friend of his that he gave serious thought to teaching as a career, and took the leap of faith to join ITE. The opportunity for him to share his experience and knowledge with students, who will eventually be part of the industry workforce, was something he did not want to forgo. 

On the CET front, Zairi actively engage his contacts in the construction industry to stay abreast of the latest technology and practices, so that he can deliver up-to-date and industry relevant skills and knowledge to the adult learners in his course.

Over the years, Zairi has received excellent feedback from his CET students. Among them was 69-year-old Mr Chua Han Kee, an employee in a landscaping company who signed up for Zairi’s Architectural Technology part-time course to improve his knowledge on sustainable building features and green technology. Mr Chua managed to complete all six modules of his course and successfully graduated, thanks to Zairi’s patience, guidance and engaging lesson delivery.

Keeping in mind the requirements of CET learners who often have to juggle full-time work and evening classes, Zairi makes it a point to break his lessons down into manageable, bite-sized modules. Said Zairi, “I am really pleased to see CET students continue from module to module to complete the entire course despite their busy work schedule. It give me a great sense of accomplishment!”

On winning the CET Trainer Award, Zairi shared, “I truly appreciate being presented with this award. I see it as a motivation for me to perform better, to keep improving and to strive to nurture all learners responsibly for the benefit of themselves and the industry.”

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