Woman receives touching letters from her mum -- who died more than 20 years ago

Thirty-year-old Amanda Lemmond lost her mother to bone cancer when she was just 10 years old. 

She was placed in foster care, with nothing in her possession except a stuffed Easter bunny. 

Fast forward to this day, Amanda received a box on her porch.

When she looked inside, she found old photos of herself, her birth certificate, and letters from her mother written weeks before her demise. 

The keepsakes were apparently found by the executor of her mother’s estate while moving, who decided to forward them along to Amanda, according to ViralNova.  

Said the emotional Amanda:

“After my mom passed away, I was shipped all over the country. From Washington States to Texas, to Louisiana, to Texas, back to Washington, back to Texas — in and out of state care — foster care. 

“These are a glimpse into my past that I've sorely longed for, for over two decades now."

Watch the video below.