This baby gets really protective when her mum scolds her older sister

It's common for siblings to be protective over each other, but for a toddler to get protective over an older sibling -- that's pretty rare huh?

Well check out the following video uploaded by Jukin Media which documents the above mentioned.

The video shows the baby sister stopping her mum from making her older sister "cry". Each time her mother tried to nag at her older sister, she exclaimed," No momma no," while pointing at her mother, and gave her sister a hug.

At one point, the toddler even slapped her mum's when she attempted to scold the older sister again.

Evidently this was a set up, but the toddler was not aware it was a joke and took it so serious.

Did you see her little serious face?

Check out the cute video below!! 

This video was brought to you by Jukin Media. You can view more of such videos on their Facebook page.