Lucky escape for shoppers as escalator crumbles in Malaysia shopping mall

Malaysian shoppers were shocked when an escalator located in a mall in Pandan Indah crumbled yesterday (Oct 25).

The mall is called Pandan Kapital and the incident happened around noon.

Stomper Fauzi alerted us to the article on Siakapkeli, where shoppers alleged that the metal plates on the escalator lifted up just as shoppers were getting off the escalator. 

Photos show the top of the escalator collapsing and the netizens also reported that loud noises were heard when the incident occurred.

A trader told The Straits Times that "unless the management replaces the escalator, I would rather take the stairs".

Shoppers also alleged that the escalator was faulty and a similar accident had happened two to three months ago.

The fire station at the Pandan Indah area told Siakapkeli that they were informed of the incident but did not send help as there were no casualties.