How to spot an ATM skimmer: Be very careful before withdrawing money overseas

Here's why it pays to be extra careful while on holiday. An American security expert was on holiday in Vienna, Austria, when he discovered something alarming -- an ATM skimmer.

Benjamin Tedesco, said he only found the ATM skimmer because of his own paranoia. He shared his experience on LinkedIn in an article dated June 25.

An ATM skimmer aims to steal all your credit card information after you have slotted it through.

First, he noticed some glue stains on the card reader, which gave him a clue that it is not as innocent as it seems. 

He gave it a tug, only to have it come right off. 

The ATM skimmer was made to fit exactly over the reader, only it has the potential to steal your information.

He did not realise it at first, but after looking at his own video, he also spotted a hidden camera.

"You will notice the grey 'lip' that is covering the sticker (AND watching over the keypad!)" said Ben.

Ben has since notified the Vienna Police Department regarding this discovery. 

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