100kg Korean student now weighs 49kg: Drinking 5 litres of warm water daily and other tips she follows

A South Korean university student recently caught the attention of netizens after she uploaded a video onto her Youtube channel showcasing her amazing weight loss transformation.

In the video uploaded onto her Youtube health and wellness channel called Dano TV, Jinny explained that she managed to drop her weight from 100kg to 49kg by adopting healthy habits.

The video begins with Jinny elaborating on how she gained so much weight, and what the catalyst for her transformation was.

According to Koreaboo, Jinny gained a lot of weight during her senior years in high school from bingeing on beer and delivery food regularly. This resulted in her gaining 24kg in a year. However, it was only after she was diagnosed with a back injury that she decided she needed to change her lifestyle.

By exercising regularly and adopting healthy eating habits, Jinny said that she managed to lose 50kg in two years.

She said that her habits included drinking three to five litres of warm water daily, and reducing her portions of rice. She also cut out salty food from her diet, and ate more protein and vegetables for lunch.

Jinny also added that she also made it a habit to exercise at least 10 minutes daily, and stopped eating late night snacks. 

At the end of the video she also gave some advice to viewers:

"Diet is the change in how you love yourself. I workout for health, eat good food for my body, and try to love myself constantly.

"Set up a goal of 'Let's love myself in a healthy way' rather than a goal like 'Lose 5kg every month!"