'Fried onion' in fish soup from Chong Pang stall turns out to be multiple insects

Submitted by Stomper Joanna

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Stomper Joanna was disgusted when she came across several insects in the two bowls of fish soup that she had ordered from a fish soup stall in Chong Pang Market.

On Feb 13 at around 6.30pm, she ordered takeaway for two bowls of fish soup from the stall.

Later at home when they nearly finished the bowls of fish soup, her daughter pointed out there were insects in the soup.

Joanna told Stomp, "I thought it was fried onion but saw (that) it got many legs... not one but many inside."

Her and her daughter suspected that the insects were baby cockroaches and she estimates that there were more than 10 of those insects in both bowls.

"Felt so gross and disgusted," added Joanna.

She has since reported the incident to the National Environment Agency.