Forbidden love blossoms between lone Marina male otter and Bishan female otter

They say love blossoms in the most unusual of places and circumstances.

And forbidden love simply fuels the fires of attraction further.

And that is why the Internet is going gaga over the unlikely love that blossomed between two otters in Singapore.

In a post by OtterWatch, a local Facebook page that consolidates otter sightings in Singapore, details of this Romeo and Juliet romance were revealed.

The post detailed that two prominent otter families live in Bishan and Marina, and known for their dislike for each other.

Otters are fiercely territorial animals, and the two groups have been know to chase members of the other family out of their area.

However, a lone otter from Marina decided to change all of that, and tried to be friendly with the otters from Bishan.

He would stalk them from afar and approach them when the parents of the Bishan group were not around, which would be totally creepy and illegal if this involved humans.

Eventually, the lone ranger from marina was accepted by some of the subadults from the Bishan group, and found as well.

The two dated secretly for months, Korean drama style, as the Bishan otter family's parents did not know about any of these developments yet.

The male would send the female home but did not dare go near.

Sometimes, he would get spotted and chased away by the female otter's parents and siblings.

Still, he would hide to look at her from afar.

The OtterWatch group stated that the Bishan group's number has been reduced to 12 from 13, as one has left the family.

"Bishan otter girl may have eloped with her boyfriend," said the group in the post.

And just like netizens, we eagerly await developments in this love story, that is actually far better than most of the human love stories we have come across this year.