Fiona Xie bares too much in Instagram post? 'Please keep warm this cold and rainy season,' says netizen

It has been raining every day lately.

And more of the same can be expected in the next two weeks, according to the Meteorological Service Singapore.

On its website, the weather service said on Dec 1: "The current wet weather is likely to continue, with thundery showers expected over parts of the island on most afternoons. The showers may extend into the night on a few days.

"The total rainfall for the first half of December 2023 is forecast to be above average over."

That was probably why when Crazy Rich Asian actress Fiona Xie posted on Instagram on Dec 2 a photo of herself revealing her bare back and side boob, one of the comments was "Please keep warm this cold and rainy season."


To be fair, her back was not entirely bare as she was modelling a 18-karat yellow gold necklace worn backward although the $5,840 piece of Bulgari jewelry was unlikely to protect anyone from the nippiness.

Ironically, other comments on the photo include "Omg. This is really too hot, sis" and "Sexy and hot", which were meant figuratively, one presumes.

Regarding how hot it is actually going to be, the Meteorological Service Singapore said: "During the fortnight, the daily temperature is forecast to range between 24 deg Celsius and 33 deg Celsius on most days.

"Although thundery showers are expected on most days, the daily maximum temperature may reach around 34 degrees Celsius on a few days."

So despite the precipitation, Singapore is still going to get pretty hot, especially with Xie around.