Finger-lickin' bad: Someone leaves mess of KFC food in handicap restroom, toilet bowl filled with trash

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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What happened here?

Someone brought a KFC meal or two to a handicap toilet and left a massive mess behind.

A video of the not so finger-lickin' good aftermath was shared online by sg.everyday on Monday (Oct 9).

The video shows a couple opening the restroom door to reveal the ungodly sight.

There were KFC boxes, tubs and a cup on the floor and in the toilet bowl. Spilled on the floor were about 10 pieces of uneaten chicken tenders and whipped potato. Some cheese fries were on the floor under the toilet bowl, which was also filled with at least one paper shopping bag.

One netizen commented: "Cleaner poor thing."

It is unclear where the restroom is located.