Supply craft sinks at Lazarus Island jetty due to broken water pipe, no passengers on board

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No, it was not a metaphor for the sinking fortunes of Singapore's political parties. It was more like a low-budget Titanic.

A supply craft sank alongside Lazarus Island's Pulau Seringat jetty with no passengers on board on Tuesday afternoon (July 17).

Stomper Tan shared photos of the vessel gradually going underwater next to the jetty that she said happened at 3.50pm.

"It looks like a crane would be needed to lift up the sinking boat," said the Stomper. "I hope no water pollution at Lazarus Island."

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for Marina South Ferries, which operates the craft, said: "A water pipe broke when the vessel was out at sea around the Southern Islands. The vessel was not taking any jobs and there were no passengers on board then.

"The vessel's master, wanting to investigate, drove it to the nearest empty jetty, which was Seringat jetty at Lazarus Island, to secure the vessel where he got down to inspect.

"The master then informed the office, and the vessel was deemed non-operational after some assessment. A third-party salvage company was engaged to remove the vessel from the jetty.

"More water had entered the vessel since and it eventually sank as seen in photos.

"The case will close after its removal."

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