Fan disturbed by emcee's 'you can go stalk them' joke at S'pore concert by K-pop girl group IVE

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The emcee at the Singapore concert by K-pop group IVE made a joke about stalking the group members and one fan is not having it.

The concert was held at The Star Performing Arts Centre on Friday evening (June 30).

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Posted by IVE on Friday, June 30, 2023


IVE is an all-female six-member group, whose hits include Love Dive, After Like and I Am.

Stomper Melanie said: "During their fancon in Singapore, popular K-pop group IVE expressed their curiosity about trying local cuisine.

"Concert host Ken took the opportunity to engage with fans, asking for recommendations on where the group could dine.

"However, his subsequent remark took a disturbing turn. He jokingly asked: 'Anywhere to recommend? So tomorrow you can go stalk them?'

"Despite his laughter, this inappropriate comment has drawn severe criticism, especially considering that many IVE members are mostly minors and frequently face stalking incidents."

The members' ages range from 15 to 20.

The Stomper shared a video of the incident.

The host was also criticised on Reddit.

A Redditor wrote: "The emcee was not a good choice. He was a typical cookie-cutter emcee, middle-aged man, who only knew surface-level information about IVE and kept repeating cliche lines like 'Are you ready', 'Make some noise' or 'Are you sure'.

"To make it worse, he only knew English and not Korean, and this made communication during the games segment messy and a little awkward.

"Thankfully, the girls were able to handle the situation but I just could not stand him. Next time, just get the translator directly on stage to make things smoother."

On TikTok, commenters described the emcee as "annoying" and "creepy".

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