Family of SCDF NSF who died in pump well viewed CCTV footage of alleged ragging incident

The family members of 22-year-old Corporal (Cpl) Kok Yuen Chin were shown surveillance footage of the alleged ragging incident which resulted in his death on May 13.

On Tuesday (Jul 24), Cpl Kok's parents, siblings, aunts, and girlfriend viewed segments of the video footage at the Police Cantonment Complex, reports The Straits Times.

This took place a day before five Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) personnel were charged over Cpl Kok's death.

The footage showed the sequence of events that led to the death of full-time national serviceman (NSF) Cpl Kok.

His father, Mr Kok Meng Hwa, a 56-year-old construction worker, said the video lasted more than an hour.

The clips showed the celebration for Cpl Kok's upcoming operationally ready date, then the moment he was in the pump well, followed by a 40-minute rescue attempt by his colleagues when Cpl Kok did not surface, said Mr Kok, who is also a Singapore permanent resident from Malaysia.

"He's not here already. I don't know what else I can say to change that," replied Mr Kok in Mandarin, when he was asked about his feelings regarding the footage.

He was, however, conflicted, after the five SCDF officers who were allegedly involved in his son's death were charged.

"They were really celebrating, they even had a cake. If they are punished, I won't get my son back. But if they are not punished, it's also bad for my son," said Mr Kok.

Mr Kok, who was absent from the court session on Wednesday because he had to work, also added that the family was given a sum of money from Cpl Kok's NSF insurance, but declined to comment further.

Cpl Kok's aunt Ms Helen Kok, 55, a nurse, said the family had asked to view other parts of the video but were rejected.

She said in Mandarin: "Perhaps they just showed us the most important parts. But I think viewing it all will really help us understand it."