Faith in humanity restored: Kind Grab driver gives passenger $5 after waiting at wrong location

Submitted by Stomper Diana

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Amidst all the negative incidents involving rude private hire car drivers and passengers alike, it is heartening to see that not all of them are that way.

Stomper Diana wanted to share this point and thank a kind Grab driver who gave her son $5 after waiting for him at the wrong location for a mere few minutes.

Diana had booked a Grab ride since her son was running late for school on Friday (Mar 11).

A few minutes later, she received a notification that the driver had arrived although he was nowhere to be seen.

Diana only realised he was waiting at the wrong location when he sent her a message.

He apologized and offered to fetch from where her son and her were waiting but Diana told him it was ok and headed to where he was.

"I didn't think it was a big deal for us to walk anyway. We found him, exchanged good morning greetings and off they went," said the Stomper. 

"Lo and behold! In the evening I received this text message from my son: "Todays cab ride was good and the driver gave me 5 dollars for no reason."

"I was surprised by his gesture. I have no idea why he did what he did but to the driver, may you be blessed with good health, joy and peace always.

"To the previous Grabcar drivers who had driven my son to school safely, thank you very much.

"There will always be something that can ruin your day but sometimes, it's better to bite our tongue especially if what we're going to say to the other party is not going to salvage the situation.

"Do good and good will find its way back to you. Peace."

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