Elderly Orchard Road busker allegedly 'robbed' by passer-by in broad daylight in front of him

An elderly busker was allegedly "robbed" by a passer-by outside Mandarin Gallery near Victoria's Secret at Orchard Road.

In a video circulating online, the busker was performing when a younger man wearing headphones walked by and stopped beside the busker's tip jar.

The busker stopped performing and turned towards the man, thinking the man was about to leave a tip.

The busker's demeanour changed when the man appeared to take something from the tip jar. The busker stood there stunned as the man walked away.

A woman came by and the busker pointed to the man and told her what happened. The woman then walked in the direction of the man as the video ends.

Netizens criticised the person taking the video for not helping the busker.

One commented: "Props to the auntie who tried to help, dude holding the cam should've stepped up too and not laugh it off and just watch on."

A few speculated that the incident was staged by the video taker.

A commenter asked: "This is highly suspicious. Why was he filming then? That area is pretty blah for a filming."

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