See how taxi 'smokes out' car and blocks him from changing lanes

A London Cab driver activated a James Bond-style smoke screen to shake off a Scirocco driver from changing lanes. 

At the start of the Facebook video below, the driver of the red Scirocco car is seen giving a signal to the London Cab driver before cutting into the lane. 

However, the taxi driver did not slow down to give way to the Scirocco car driver. 

The video fasts forward to the London Cab driver's attempt to block the Scirocco driver from changing lanes. The taxi driver then activated the smoke screen. 

Many netizens left angry comments, saying that the London Cab driver was impatient and his or her actions were uncalled for.

Said Facebook user Chia Johan: 

"People signal right already don't want to give way.

"Instead, the London Cab driver accelerated and tried to obstruct the other vehicle from changing lanes.

"Even then, the taxi driver cut into the Scirocco driver's lane and gave him black smoke? Taxi driver should wake up his idea."

"I see the Scirocco driver signaled to cut lanes. The taxi driver can't afford to lose out for a few seconds? What a childish mindset," Facebook user Samuel Yeo added.