Police, please get psycho driver of Suzuki Swift SGT 9106 G off the road!

Tailgating, reckless driving, hit-and-run. Is there a traffic offence this driver did not break?

A video contributed by Faiz to ROADS.sg shows cars travelling down an expressway.

However, the driver of Suzuki Swift SGT 9106 G is seen tailgating dangerously close to the car the rear-cam that recorded this incident is on.

The Swift driver also attempts to make several reckless lane changes, almost crashing into two other cars.

The errant driver also can't seem stay within one lane, and constantly drifts between two lanes.

When the rear-cam car driver slows down, the Swift driver ends up ramming into him.

Despite this, and having the front of the car completely smashed, the Swift driver simply changes lanes and speeds off after the crash.

Some netizens said the rear-cam car driver should not be on the overtaking lane if he is not overtaking.

However, others pointed out that the rear-cam car driver was travelling at a reasonable speed, and that the video time showed that it was during peak hours.

This may explain why he had to slow down while driving on the expressway.