Driver stops on expressway -- after apparently having missed exit

What do you do when you miss a turn or exit while driving? The safest and logical thing to do would be to head the next nearest turn or exit.

However, there are some drivers who prefer much more outrageous, and dangerous methods.

Like this driver who simply stopped on expressway upon missing an exit.

A clip of this incident was on the Facebook page and credited to Yaya A.

The video shows a taxi driver having to stop and switch lanes because a driver stopped on the end of the chevron markings on an expressway.

The car-cam driver, who is behind the taxi, is also forced to stop and switch lanes thanks to the driver who is waiting on the expressway.

The post's caption states,"Stopping and reversing at any expressway is an irresponsible and reckless stunt which must be avoided at all cost."

However, it is unclear if the driver was actually reversing after having stopped on the expressway.

The video subtitles also explain: 

"Stopping or remaining at rest on the carriage way of an expressway attracts a fine of $130 and four demerit points.

"Reversing unnecessarily along an expressway, fine $150 and four demerit points."