Driver knocks into parked car at Junction 8, breaking licence plate and scratching vehicle

A driver is appealing for witnesses after a motorist knocked into her parked car at Junction 8 at 10.11am on Tues (May 30).

A video of the incident was posted on the Facebook page and credited to Jasmine Tan-Hallan.

The clip shows a purple car scraping the front of the parked car while making a sharp left turn.

According to Jasmine, this caused her car's licence plate to shatter into pieces and the front of her car to be scratched.

She explained further:

"Extremely reckless hit-and-run. Really unfortunate morning for my sick daughter and I who just came out from the clinic to be greeted with such a sight.

""Appealing to the white car in front of me (10.11am, 30 May 2017, Tuesday) for your footage.

"OR anyone who can help me to decipher the culprit's license plate number.

"Can someone please help us?"