Driver gives the finger, yells vulgarities as he cuts in front of another at Woodlands Checkpoint

Submitted by Stomper Randy

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The driver of a black Toyota Vellfire was caught on camera flashing his middle finger and yelling vulgarities at another motorist in the queue to Woodlands Checkpoint.

Stomper Randy alerted Stomp to a video of the incident shared online by Facebook user Jeff Yan on April 2.

The Toyota had the unusual number plate NAAM 886.

The video shows the driver rolling down his car window and flipping the bird as he cut into the lane of the vehicle from where the video was taken.

As he drove in front of the vehicle, the driver let loose a Hokkien vulgarity aimed at the vehicle's occupants.

The Toyota driver can then be seen sticking his phone out his window to take a photo or video of the vehicle behind him.

The irony was that seconds later, two other similar black multi-purpose vehicles (MPV) then tried to cut in front of the Toyota.

The video then shows yet another MPV behind the camera vehicle.

"Suddenly so many black coffin cars," commented one netizen.

Many said to report the Toyota driver to the police.

Another asked: "Can he get 'saman' when he's driving with his phone?"

A commenter opined: "This guy should be banned from coming into Singapore. Not ban the car. Ban that driver."