Driver caught with less than ¾-tank of petrol at Woodlands Checkpoint accelerates, drags ICA officer

A Singaporean driver tried to depart to Malaysia with less than three-quarter tank at Woodlands Checkpoint on Dec 12 and was caught, said the police and the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

Steve Ling Wei Liang, 38, refused to comply with an ICA officer and accelerated forward, dragging the officer for several metres.

Ling was arrested for causing hurt by a rash act.

Preliminary investigations revealed that he intended to depart Singapore by car via Woodlands Checkpoint.

He underwent a fuel gauge check at the departure car zone and the ICA officer noticed that the amount of fuel was below the stipulated level.

The officer instructed Ling to hand over his passport, park the car, and follow him to the ICA Duty Office.

Refusing to comply, the driver nearly collided with a pedestrian and other nearby stationary vehicles.

As a result of the incident, the ICA officer suffered bodily pain and was subsequently conveyed conscious to the hospital.

Departing travellers driving Singapore-registered cars are reminded to observe the “three-quarter tank” rule.

Offenders may be issued with a composition sum of up to $500 or prosecuted in court. They will be turned back at the checkpoints and not allowed to proceed with their journey into Malaysia.

Ling was charged in court on Dec 14 with the offence of causing hurt by a rash act which endangers the life or personal safety of others, which carries an imprisonment term which may extend to one year, a fine which may extend to $5,000, or both.

He is expected to plead guilty on Jan 25.