Drinking on train and womanspreading? Stomper calls out commuters' inconsiderate behaviour

Submitted by Stomper Nasir

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Drinking on the train. Manspreading. Womanspreading?

One man is frustrated with the inconsiderate behaviour by commuters he sees on public transport and is calling them out.

Stomper Nasir shared three photos he took of people perhaps making themselves too comfortable on the train and bus.

The first photo shows one man seated on the train sipping from a plastic cup next to another man holding a cup on his lap.

The Stomper highlighted the "No eating or drinking" sign in the photo.

The second photo shows two men sitting on the train in a manner that made it unlikely for anyone to take the empty seat between them. One man crossed his leg while the other was manspreading.

If there is such a thing as "womanspreading", the third photo of a woman sitting on the bus is a demonstration of it.

"This lady opened her legs to prevent others from sitting next to her," said the Stomper.

This comes in the wake of the recent arrest of a bus passenger for public nuisance after she insisted on resting her feet on a grab pole.

"The campaign of graciousness is outdated," said the Stomper. "In Lee Kuan Yew's time, this did not happen."

"Commuters are getting more nuisance these days."