Do you know him? Woman hopes to find father's friend with whom he had lost contact for 49 years

Submitted by Stomper Jessica

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Stomper Jessica is seeking a friend of her father in hopes of reuniting the two who had lost contact for almost 49 years. 

Her father, who currently stays in Kuching, Malaysia, now will be coming to Singapore on Dec 22 and Jessica hopes to arrange a reunion for the two old friends.

According to her father, the two first met back in 1970, in a Nippon Paint Factory at Queenstown, and the man used to stay in Clementi.

Jessica said:

“My father always tells us about how his friend helped him when he first came to Singapore.

“He was looking through some old photos the other day and started reminiscing about the old days.

“He started asking us if there’s a way for him to find his friend.

“I remembered seeing some articles on Stomp searching for friends and family members, so I told my brother, Bertrand, to send in a request.

“I really hope to fulfil my father's wishes.”

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