Deliveryman disappears after woman demands $130 refund when she receives cover instead of iPad

Submitted by Stomper Aaron

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A woman thought she had found a great deal when she saw an iPad listed for $130 on Facebook Marketplace.

However, when the item was delivered, she was shocked to find she had received an iPad cover instead.

Stomper Aaron shared with Stomp that his 22-year-old niece had come across the listing earlier in March and that the seller named 'Virginia Gallup' told her the iPad was '100 per cent original' and that it had a one-year warranty.

The seller also added that the payment mode would be cash on delivery and that the door-to-door delivery would be free.

Afraid of getting scammed, the Stomper's niece asked the seller why they were selling the iPad to which the seller replied that she used to sell to 'specialty stores' and now only does online sales.

She added that if she was not satisfied, the delivery person would refund her in full.

"If there is any problem, return or exchange is guaranteed," the seller said.

Aaron shared CCTV footage of a deliveryman handing over the 'iPad' to his niece and her mum on Mar 10.

They made him wait while they opened the package only to find there was only an iPad cover inside.

"A man delivered the item which turned out to be an iPad cover and when we asked for a refund on the spot, he said that he needed to get the refund form and asked us to wait for five minutes," said Aaron.

The man then 'disappeared' and never returned.

When Aaron's niece contacted the seller again, she said that she 'investigated' the incident and found that a warehouse staff took the wrong package.

"We punished this person severely and fired him," the seller said.

"We will send you the correct product immediately."

The seller also informed his niece that she did not need to return the cover and could dispose of it herself.

After his niece expressed concerns over this being a scam, the seller subsequently went missing in action.

The family has since reported the incident to the police.

The police confirmed with Stomp that a report was lodged.

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