Dead plant surprisingly reincarnated into a beautiful flower

Submitted by Stomper Lau Lup

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Stomper Lau Lup was recently amazed by a flower that grew out from the dead weeds in his plant pot. 

Lau Lup said that he first "neglected and eventually killed and ornamental plant" and also "left the pot of soil there". 

However, later, he noticed that the weeds began to grow and decided to "water them to see what type of plant has settled in the pot".

The Stomper was pleasantly surprised when he walked past the pot the previous Friday, and "noticed a beautiful flower that [had] blossomed..." 

Lau Lup admits

"I didn't know weeds [could] be so beautiful! It's more beautiful than my previous plant!"

"However, the flower only lasted for a day or two before withering."

 Lau Lup also checked out the weed based on the flower it produced:

"To my amazement, this weed is actually edible and has medicinal properties!"                       

Lau Lup believes that the plant is called the Bengal Arum.

Lau Lup also researched that the weed is not available in plant nurseries, but, nevertheless, can be found in Singapore.