Cyclist scolds driver with vulgarity after child following him on bike crashes into car in Orchard

Crosswalk? What crosswalk?

A cyclist scolded a driver with a vulgarity after a child following him crashed into a car on Cuppage Road between The Centrepoint and Orchard Point buildings on April 21 at 4.14pm.

Dash cam video of the incident was posted online by SG Road Vigilante on April 21.

The video shows two cyclists riding across Cuppage Road as the car was about to turn into the road from Orchard Road and sounded its horn.

Just as the car turned into Cuppage Road, the child on a bicycle appeared and crashes into the side of the car with a loud thud.

Fortunately, all three cyclists were wearing helmets.

A female passer-by went to help the crying child up and off the road as another car was about to turn into the road.

The cyclists returned on foot and the older cyclist rushed to the car, which had stopped, and confronted the driver.

It should be noted the cyclist did not check on the well-being of the child first.

The cyclist asked the driver in a foreign accent: "Hey, what the f*** is your problem? This is a crosswalk. You don't honk and speed through here."

The driver replied: "I didn't speed."

Actually, there was no designated pedestrian crossing or "crosswalk" at that location.

The person who submitted the video was quoted as saying: "Parent lets kid ride across the road without due care, claims it's a crosswalk and blames driver for it.

"Traffic Police came down and advised to file a report, nothing much can be done. Rider gets away free of responsibilities and driver is left to fix his own car."

In response to a Stomp query, the police said they were alerted at about 4.15pm to an accident involving a car and a bicycle at the junction of Orchard Road and Cuppage Road.

No injuries were reported, added the police.

Many netizens blamed the cyclist for what happened, with one commenting: "The kids' parents should be charged for endangering the life of their children."

But one commenter also faulted the driver, saying: "Yes, the cyclists should slow down and look out for cars when crossing such road, but it’s not like the driver is practising defensive driving knowing that he is turning left. In fact, the driver sped up a bit."

To which someone else replied: "The driver had given a tap on the horn to warn the cyclists. The taxi blocked the view of the driver and therefore, the driver was not able to get a clear view. The little cyclist carried on to ride across and knocked onto the car. Don't think the blame should be on the driver at all."

Police investigations are ongoing.