StarHub apologises after customers face problems watching World Cup on StarHub Go

Submitted by Stomper Adrian

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Many StarHub users posted complaints on the telco's Facebook page after experiencing problems when trying to watch the FIFA World Cup 2018 on the StarHub Go service over the weekend. 

The users complained about sudden cut-offs and getting logged out their StarHub Go accounts.

According to StarHub’s website, StarHub TV Go is a value-added service which enables users to watch subscribed channels on mobile devices including the World Cup matches, if users signed up for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Package for $112.35. 

A Stomper said that he subscribed to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Package so he and his family could watch the matches. 

He could not log onto his StarHub Go account from his phone on Friday night (June 15).

He said: "I was on Wi-Fi then.

"I called StarHub and I was told that it was due to some server issues  and the matter would be resolved soon.

"The operator said on Friday that the technicians aimed to resolve the issue within 24 hours."

However, he had no problems when he tried logging in on Saturday to catch the match featuring France and Australia. 

The problems returned during a later match featuring Argentina and Iceland.

Said the customer: "I kept getting error messages and the visuals was then totally cut off.

"I had to reload multiple times and I totally couldn't watch the last five minutes of the match.

"The service kept getting spontaneous disruptions. It was totally random."

He then tried calling the customer service hotline but could not get through.

“It was terrible trying to watch the Argentina versus Iceland match on Saturday (June 16).”

Stomper Adrian also had problems watching the matches with his StarHub Go account. 

He told Stomp that when he tried logging into his account on Friday, he was shown an error message which prompted him to close a second browser window even though there was only one present.

Adrian said the problem got worse on Saturday especially during the Argentina versus Iceland match.

He lamented: "Almost every 20 to 30 seconds, there would be some sort of disruption.

"I would either get logged out of my StarHub Go account or the stream would get cut off.

"I lost track of how many time this happened. The worst part was during Messi's penalty kick. I missed it entirely."

Some users also took to Facebook to voice their discontent. 

Said one netizen: "Trying to watch the Argentina versus Iceland game on your StarHub Go app and it keeps getting cut off. For the over hundred bucks we paid I hope this is the last time we experience this.”

Another user commented: "Hi StarHub, a very disappointing moment.

"My StarHub Go encounter playback error like last time. Can you please render your attention and advise to resolve the matter as soon as possible?"

Some users also got a reply from StarHub, asking for their particulars so it could arrange for assistance.

In response to a Stomp query, a StarHub spokesman said: "On June 16, 2018, a technical video glitch in our StarHub Go service resulted in some of our customers experiencing intermittent video streaming when viewing the Argentina vs Iceland match on StarHub Go.

"The error has since been rectified and the service was fully restored by about 11pm the same night.

"Our teams are monitoring the situation closely and taking measures to prevent it from happening again. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.”

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