Crows attack people outside Orchard Central: One man was seen bleeding from his ear

Submitted by Stomper Joyce

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Update on Oct 26:

Stomper Joyce returned to the same spot outside Orchard Central at about 3.50pm on Thursday (Oct 26) to see if the crows were still attacking people.

She shared more video clips with Stomp of the crows swooping down on passers-by.

She added that another man was left bleeding after getting attacked by the birds.

"A Caucasian guy had a bleeding wound," said Joyce.

"He had already wiped away the blood a few times which explains why you don't see blood.

"We advised him to get some medication."

Original article:

Several people were seen being attacked by crows at Orchard Road on Tuesday afternoon (Oct 24).

Stomper Joyce shared videos taken by her sister outside Orchard Central shopping mall at about 1.15pm.

In one clip, a crow is seen attacking three people in the span of a minute.

"These two crows were attacking passers-by," said the Stomper.

"My sister mentioned that a man was bleeding from his ear before she took these videos.

"In one of the videos, you can see the crow even attacked a guy while he was on the way up an escalator.

"There's a risk of people falling from the escalator due to shock, in my opinion.

"I'm sharing these videos to raise awareness to the public to be more careful when they are around the area.

"Perhaps the authorities could do something about it."

Crows made headlines in February after Stomp reported on a spate of crow attacks in Bishan.

In March, crows were seen attacking people in Serangoon as well.

The National Parks Board (NParks) carried out population control measures after both incidents.

House crows are an invasive species that are not native to Singapore.

They can be particularly protective of their young and may attack when their chicks are in the nest or if they feel their young are threatened.