Couple bring their pet dogs with them for dinner at Clementi coffee shop despite 'no pets' sign

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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A man noticed a couple had brought their dogs out to dine at a coffee shop in Clementi on Feb 26 at 9.40pm.

The Stomper shared photos of the couple and their two unleashed dogs sitting at a table next to a sign on the wall stating 'no pets'.

"These irresponsible dog owners ignored the sign at the coffee shop and insisted on bringing their dogs out to dine at Block 450 Clementi Avenue 3," the Stomper said.

In January, a family brought their pet dog to Margaret Drive Hawker Centre in Queenstown despite it not being allowed.

According to the Singapore Food Agency, live animals such as pets are not permitted into food establishments, except for pet cafes.

However, guide dogs are allowed in eateries. They can be identified by their harness sleeve, which may carry messages like "Guide Dog at Work" and "Do Not Distract". Guide dogs help the blind or visually impaired travel independently and safely.