Convoy of 4 Porsche cars cut queue at Tuas Second Link -- only to be seen turning back later

Submitted by Stomper Alan

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A fleet of four Porsche cars were caught cutting the queue while entering Singapore via the Tuas Second Link, but were strangely seen turning back moments later.

Facebook page SG Road Vigilante uploaded a video of the incident that reportedly occurred on Sunday (Oct 15), at about 2.30pm.

The post called out the four Porsche cars, which were returning from Johor Bahru, for cutting across double white lines and using the bus lane to jump queue.


15oct2023 1429hrs tuas 2nd link #SNM6096A 911 carrera s #SNA8952D 911 carrera s #SFU55K 911 carrera s #SMV909J 718...

Posted by SG Road Vigilante - SGRV on Sunday, 15 October 2023


"First two (cars) cut in and let their two other friends in after," said the post.

"All four were sent packing to u-turn and requeue."

The Porsche cars could indeed be seen driving in the opposite direction, back towards Malaysia, shortly afterwards.

Many netizens said the drivers deserved the 'punishment' and praised immigration authorities for making the cars turn back.

However, some pointed out that the drivers could have turned back of their own accord for more innocent reasons.

Several users, like Stomper Alan, speculated if the convoy could be linked to the Porsche that crashed into a lamp post in Johor on Sunday morning.

A Singaporean couple suffered multiple injuries to their hands and legs in the collision.

The pair was part of a convoy of luxury cars that was travelling from Batu Pahat to Mersing when the accident happened in Kluang, it was earlier reported.

Alan said: "Are these two incidents related?"

Judging by the comments below, others have drawn similar conclusions too.