CNY tunes playing on loop until 10.30pm at Yishun bazaar for 32 days too much for resident to bear

Submitted by Stomper Queenie

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Chinese New Year is coming and CNY bazaars are happening around Singapore.

The problem is that they are held in residential areas and can be rather noisy. Unfortunately for Stomper Queenie, she lives right next to one in Yishun.

"The music is so loud that even closing the windows and drawing curtains closed, it can still be heard. It is a non-stop continuous loop of CNY tunes," said the Stomper.

"Due to how sound is projected, it bounces off the surrounding HDB walls into my unit from the moment the bazaar opens until it closes. I've had to keep all my bedroom windows closed, my living room and kitchen windows partially open since this began."

The Chong Pang City CNY Trade Fair in Yishun started on Jan 9 and ends on Feb 9.

"On the first day, the vendor blasted music until 11.30pm. Then there was a worker setting up more stuff and making noise until 3am.

"On the second day, it started at 8.30am and went on until 10.30pm," recounted the Stomper, who shared a video of the bazaar taken on the third day at 7.34am from her bedroom window overlooking the Chong Pang Amphitheatre.

"I am Chinese Singaporean but even this is too much. It’s like standing in the supermarket and hearing this on a loop for more than 12 hours at a go. Can you imagine enduring this for one day, much less for 32 days?

"I understand that everyone wants to get business in these challenging times but playing music at such a loud volume shouldn't be one of the ways. You can play the music but keep it at an acceptable level, where shoppers within the premises can hear."

The Stomper said she had reported the issue via the OneService app.

She added: "I called the police and all they can do is advise the vendor to turn the music down during the day but can’t enforce. I have also highlighted this issue to my town council property officer and MP.

"How to prevent future incidents from happening? Because this isn’t the first time that a public faculty has been rented out to a third party, causing a noise disturbance. It has seriously affected my well-being and work each time it happens. My home is not peaceful because of such incidents.

"This bazaar is happening across Singapore. Wondering if anyone else is facing the same issue."

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesperson for Nee Soon Town Council said: "The town council is working with the Merchants' Association regarding the resident's concern. We have advised the trade fair operator to lower the volume of music played.

"Community spaces such as Chong Pang Amphitheatre can be found in many town centres. These spaces are built to support larger scale activities such as community events. Occasionally, these spaces are also rented out for trade fairs.

"We have to maintain a balance between the residents who enjoy a more bustling town centre as well as keeping neighbouring residents in mind. As such, we work with our community partners to ensure blocks of downtime after each use of the space."