'China's fattest man' loses a whopping 70kg in 5 months

The next time you need motivation to lose weight, remember the name Huang Jiaxin.

According to Shanghaiist, the 26-year-old, who was dubbed 'China's fattest man', managed to a whopping 70kg in five months.

Huang became the butt of jokes earlier this year after falling down near a hospital in Wuhan. He was 265kg then.

He could not get up by himself following the fall, and it took around 20 people to load him onto a stretcher.

Since then, he has embarked on a weight-loss program that included dieting and exercising.

He also underwent a sleeve gastrectomy, a procedure that reduces his stomach, thereby limiting food intake.

Five months into the program, his weight dropped to 195kg.

Doctors expect Huang to continue losing even more if he follows his program religiously.