Bus driver injured after accident along YCK Road: He ended on wrong side of road due to dizziness

A 54-year-old bus driver, who was seen driving against traffic flow before getting into an accident with a car, had veered off his path and ended up on the wrong side of the road as he was suffering a dizzy spell.

The incident occurred along Yio Chu Kang Road towards Serangoon Central yesterday (July 7) at around 10am.

In an earlier report, Stompers Evet and Bernard shared videos showing the accident's aftermath. Recovery personnel could be seen preparing to tow away the stationary bus.

A Police spokesman told Stomp in response to media queries that the bus driver was conveyed conscious to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

SBS Transit has since responded to the incident and provided more details about what happened.

According to The Straits Times, SBS Transit's senior vice-president of corporate communications Tammy Tan said the service 72 bus had been travelling along Yio Chu Kang Road when its captain "suddenly felt dizzy for a few seconds".

In those seconds, the bus veered from its path and ended on the other side of the road.

Ms Tan said the bus captain recovered within seconds and brought the bus to a halt, reported The Straits Times.

She added, "We are extremely thankful that no passenger was hurt as a result. We would also like to thank a gentleman on board who extended care and assistance to our bus captain."

SBS Transit is in close contact with the bus driver, who had been certified fit to drive after his annual medical review last month, while he is receiving medical attention in hospital.