Brisk-walker stunned after 'black patch' at Sembawang canal turns out to be alive

Submitted by Stomper Wenwen

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'It's alive!' as the iconic Frankenstein quote goes.

It's also what Stomper Wenwen thought when she encountered a monitor lizard in Sembawang on Wednesday (Oct 11).

Wendy said she was brisk-walking along a canal at Canberra Park Connector at around 5pm when she spotted a "black patch".

She recounted: "I did not have my glasses on so I was not sure what it was at first. When I got closer, I was shocked to see a monitor lizard. Thankfully, I did not get too near.

"This monitor lizard was not as big as the one I saw near Khoo Teck Puat Hospital a few years ago, but it was a cool sight nevertheless.

"It scurried away into a hole in the drain shortly after."

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Here's what to do when you encounter a monitor lizard:

  • Do not be alarmed. These animals are shy and will not attack humans unless provoked or cornered.

  • Do not touch, chase or corner them as they may attack in defence. You are advised to leave them alone. It is fine to observe them from afar.

  • Seek medical attention immediately if (in a rare event) you are bitten. Although monitor lizards do secrete venom, it is not fatal to humans. The main cause for concern would be bacterial infection from the bite.

More information can be found on the National Parks Board website.