Brazilian pilot creates stir over 'dangerous mid-flight selfies' -- but the truth is...

Brazilian pilot Daniel Centeno has created an online buzz with his Instagram photos that appear to have been taken in the middle of a flight and up high in the sky.

However, things are not as risky as they seem.

Daniel, who has over 70,000 followers on Instagram, clarifies that he uses Photoshop to superimpose an aerial image over a selfie from outside the plane.

Other telltale signs include how Daniel's hair is not blowing in the wind and his sunglasses reflecting an airport runway.

He also clearly indicates that his pictures have been manipulated in the captions, such as by writing, "Photoshop mode ON".

Yet, not everyone is well aware that Daniel's selfies are not as dangerous as they seem. Some netizens even left comments criticising his 'daredevil stunts' and 'disgraceful behaviour'.

One even wrote, "Which airline? I don't want to ride."

TLDR; None of these 'dangerous' selfies are really taken in mid-air.