Bloodied monitor lizard seeks treatment at Malaysian pharmacy

Passers-by in Pulau Tikus, Malaysia, were treated to an unusual sight when a bloodied monitor lizard tried to enter a pharmacy, but ended up getting stuck at the entrance. 

In a photo, which was posted on Facebook on Tuesday (Apr 4) by Sherwynd Rylan Kessler, a brown monitor lizard can be seen 'knocking' on the glass door at the entrance of the clinic as passers-by look on with amusement. 

The post said:

"An adult male monitor lizard from Longkang 12B tried to barge into a pharmacy just as it was about to open business, to seek medication to treat a minor wound it sustain during a fight with another lizard.

"It was bleeding profusely and bloodstains were seen all over the floor and glass door of the pharmacy."