Big holes: Family collect keys to new BTO, shocked to find 'unacceptable' finishing in Sengkang flat

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July 18, 2023

After waiting seven years to move into their Build-to-Order flat in Sengkang, a family of four were shocked to find numerous defects in their brand new home.

When they collected the keys to their four-room unit at Rivervale Shores at the end of June, they found dented doors, small gaps in the wall, uneven tiles and other design flaws.

Facebook user Jess Choo then posted a video on the Complaint Singapore Facebook group on June 28, where she pointed out the poor workmanship and defects. 

Choo said the balcony was the “worst”, where the paint was already peeling, there were uneven wall surfaces and visible gaps between the floor tiles and the wall.

Speaking to 8World News, Choo said she counted more than 40 gaps or "holes" in the wall, which she said ants could use as entry points to scurry into her house. 盛港东通道预购组屋早前发放钥匙,不过却有屋主申诉新单位瑕疵处处,不仅油漆斑驳和窗铰生锈,墙壁和门也有明显划痕,还有至少40个小洞和缝隙。建屋局回应说,已跟有关屋主一同检查单位,会确保承包商助纠正两周内解决问题。#8视界新闻网 #8worldnews #新加坡 #sgnews #rivervaleshores ♬ original sound - 8视界新闻网

She added that there were scratches on some of the doors, and one of the rooms had rusty window hinges.

She wrote in her Facebook post: "HDB, you should send someone to check before key collection. How can I accept this?"

Choo said HDB inspected the unit on July 3, and told her the defects would be resolved within two weeks.

This, in turn, has delayed their renovation plans.

Choo said she has since pushed her renovations to October – to avoid it coinciding with the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar, which some consider inauspicious.

In a Facebook post noting the successful launch of Rivervale Shores, MP for Sengkang Louis Chua, said that while the residents he met were "generally satisfied with the units upon handover", some found more serious defects which have "attracted a bit more attention".


Collected your keys at Rivervale Shores? Dropped by the building service centre at Rivervale Shores earlier today to...

Posted by Chua Kheng Wee 蔡庆威 on Saturday, July 15, 2023

According to Mothership, HDB said it is aware of Choo’s case and the multiple defects found in her flat. 

An HDB spokesman said that during an inspection of the unit, they found some of the paint at the balcony had peeled off, as well as paint stains on the balcony floor.

"This is likely due to the recent rainy spell, occurring after the final inspection of the unit… it resulted in the balcony paintwork being washed off by the rain before it had fully dried, and staining the balcony floor," the spokesman explained.

HDB added that the rest of the issues reported were minor in nature, and that a contractor would rectify the defects within two weeks.

After key collection, homeowners may report issues found in their flats to the onsite Building Services Centre for rectification, during the one-year Defects Liability Period, the spokesman added.

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