Woman gets beaten and stuffed in car boot by man in China, while people look on

A shocking viral video taken in China shows a woman being slapped and stuffed inside the boot of a car by a man at a petrol station, while passers-by stand around and look on.

The man believed that the woman had cheated on him, reports Shanghaiist.

While witnesses did record the incident and yell at the man, no one tried to stop him from driving off after he slammed the boot cover close on the woman's hands.

After he drove way, no one had any clue as to what had happened to the woman.

It was later announced on Weibo that police took immediate action and later discovered the woman in Cangzhou.

She claimed that the man was her husband and bore no physical injuries.

The woman also refused to report the incident to the police and instead said she wished to mend their relationship.

Netizens, however, said they were revolted by the incident.

"That man was slapping her very hard. Even if she was his wife, he has no right to treat her that way," one netizen commented.

"How come they have time to shoot this video, but no time to stop what's happening or call the police? Whoever filmed this really disgusts me," another netizen commented.

"That's horrible! Shouldn't people stand up and protect her?" another wondered.


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