Comedy of errors ensue when man tries to help biker he knocked down in Taiwan

Sometimes, when you try to lend a helping hand, you end up doing more harm then good.

And you might end up doing so in hilarious fashion.

Take this driver from Taiwan for example.

A clip on YouTube channel RoadCams shows him failing to check his blind spot before opening his car door.

He ends up knocking a passing motorcyclist while doing so, sending him tumbling to the road.

But the driver immediately gets out of his car to apologise for the oversight and proceeds to help the biker.

However, when pulling the motorcycle upright, he accidentally twists the accelrator.

This sends the motorbike speeding forward, right into a car.

But it also pulls the driver, who is holding it, along for the ride.

The driver goes crashing tot he road, and has to be helped back up by the very biker he knocked down.


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