Animal lovers rescue neglected dog that was left to lie in its own poop for 5 years in HDB flat

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A local animal group recently rescued a severely neglected dog that was left to lie in its poop for five years.

HOPE Dog Rescue shared that they were alerted to the Pomeranian's plight by a housing agent who had visited the flat the dog was in for a viewing.

She then sent a photo of the dog to the animal group and asked if they could help.

They then discovered that the Pom's original owner had died and it was handed over to his son who later passed away in his 50s.

The Pom was then passed to another brother to care for but he allegedly only did the bare minimum.

"He fed the dog daily, but didn't bother to clean the enclosure, leaving the poor sweet Pom to lie in years of poop," the group said on its blog page.

"Five years, to be exact, after the other brother passed on."

HOPE got the man to agree to let them visit the dog and take him away.

"As we entered the house, we realised he had mopped the entire house with Dettol, except the enclosure," they said.

"Was it another case of trying to remove evidence? We can't even begin to imagine how someone could live with that stench."

They also managed to get the man to agree to let them take the Pom to a vet because it was smelly and its fur was badly matted.

The vet also discovered the dog's testicles were hard and swollen and it needed to be sterilised.

HOPE has named the Pom Archie and is appealing to other animal lovers to help by spreading awareness, helping with Archie's vet bills or adopting him.

They can be contacted at

Under the Animals and Birds Act, anyone who is found guilty of cruelty to animals, including the abandonment of any animal, can be jailed for up to 18 months, fined up to $150,000, or both.

However, there are currently no laws in Singapore addressing those who neglect their pets.