57-year-old man who went missing while picking durians in Jurong found along Kranji Expressway

Submitted by Stomper Explorer, Samantha

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A 57-year-old man, Mr Low Ah Kay, who went missing last Thursday (July 6) while picking durians in Jurong has been found in a forested area along Kranji Expressway today (July 10), after a massive manhunt. 

News of the victim's disappearance was previously reported by Stomp in an earlier article, after Mr Low's daughter, Stomper Samantha, alerted us to it.

According to Samantha, her father has mild dementia and a stroke condition. 

The Straits Times reported that Mr Low was last seen at Block 498, Jurong West Street 41 at 8.30am last Thursday. 

Stomper Explorer also took part in the massive manhunt this morning (July 10) at the invitation of Mr Low’s younger brother.

Said Explorer:

“The Police combed the entire stretch from Jurong Road all the way to Brickland Road.

“The area covered was about the size of the Toa Payoh estate.”

An hour into the search, the party came across Mr Low’s motorcycle with licence plate FBE8161R, which had been left on a track.

The group theorised that Mr Low had probably left the motorcycle due to a tree which had fallen on the track, thus obstructing the route. 

They continued scouring the forest, particularly around the durian trees as they knew Mr Low frequently picked up fruits. 

Explorer added:

“We received word from the Police that a search dog found dog found him (Mr Low).

“Although he was in an emaciated state, we’re grateful that he is safe.

“Hopefully he will recover soon!”