47 jobseekers duped into disclosing Singpass info after responding to fake ads in chatgroups

At least 47 jobseekers were duped into disclosing their Singpass credentials to scammers this year.

The victims typically came across fraudulent job offers online or on communication platforms such as Telegram or WhatsApp chatgroups.

When the victim contacted the scammer and expressed interest in the job offer, the scammer would instruct the victim to change their Singpass email address and/or mobile number to those provided by the scammer on the pretext of job screening.

The victims would also be instructed to provide their Singpass password and screenshots of their NRIC.

The scammer would subsequently use the victims’ Singpass account to register for multiple bank accounts.

In some cases, instead of obtaining the Singpass credentials from the victim directly, the scammer would send multiple Singpass login weblinks for profile information retrieval on the pretext of job screening.

The victims who authorised the profile retrieval requests would eventually realise that the authentications were for opening of bank accounts.

The police would like to remind members of the public not to disclose their Singpass passwords or 2FA details.

You should not click on Singpass login URL links sent through SMS or messaging platforms such as WhatsApp or Telegram.

If you need to access a digital service via Singpass, you should do so via the organisation’s website.

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