3 Singaporeans allegedly attacked by men with chairs and robbed in JB: 'I still have PTSD'

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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Three men were allegedly attacked and robbed in Johor Bahru (JB) in the early hours of Monday morning (Sept 18).

One of the men told Stomp that he and his friends had visited a Thai disco.

They left the club at 4.30am and were walking back towards their apartment when they were approached by a man.

"While we were walking, one very strange fella came towards us and started chatting with us and he wanted to masturbate," he said.

"My two friends were confused as to why he kept saying that and then we saw another two big-sized guys coming towards us.

"Without any communication, the robbers kicked my stomach multiple times and one of them attempted to take my clutch from my hand which I was holding firmly.

"The robbers began to bring chairs and smashed my friends' heads and faces.

"When I saw it was getting more serious, I quickly brought my friends to the hotel lobby so we could go up to our apartment.

"The robbers then rushed and threw punches and kicks at my face, I was defending myself and guarding my friends from the attacks.

"My friends got badly injured and were bleeding from their faces.

"The robbers kept their focus on my clutch and eventually stole it from me."

The Stomper said his clutch contained his AirPods, his Singapore passport and his medication.

He also shared with Stomp a photo showing bruises he suffered to his face.

"Everything happened so fast that I still have PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)," he said.

"The very next morning, I went to the nearest police station and Singapore's consulate-general in JB to file a report.

"I just wanted to remind everyone when travelling to JB to please be very aware of your surroundings."