3 men who impersonated police, robbed woman of $15,000 cash and iPhone arrested

Three men, aged between 25 and 29, were arrested for their suspected involvement in a case of robbery.

The police were alerted to a case of robbery in a private residential unit along Balestier Road at about 2am on Jun 24.

Officers from Tanglin Police Division conducted ground enquiries and established the identities of the suspects and subsequently arrested the three men on the same day.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the three suspects had impersonated police officers and approached the victim on the pretext of conducting checks in the residential unit and threatening to arrest her.

The three men then absconded with cash amounting to about $15,000 and an iPhone from the victim.

The three men will be charged in the State Courts on Jun 26 for robbery with common intention under Section 392 read with Section 34 of the Penal Code, Chapter 224.

If convicted, they will face jail terms of a minimum of three years and not exceed 14 years, and shall also be punished with caning of not less than 12 strokes.

The public is reminded to be vigilant and wary of people who may impersonate police officers to facilitate the commission of their criminal acts.

If in doubt, do request for the police officer's warrant card to verify his identity before complying with the instructions of the officer.

If still unsure of the person's credibility as a police officer, the public is urged to call 999 for assistance.

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