Two slip and slide in rain as they tussle on wet deck at Sentosa beach club, police report lodged

Submitted by Stomper Skinacks

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A scuffle broke out at Rumours Beach Club on Sentosa on Wednesday afternoon (Oct 18).

Stomper Skinacks alerted Stomp to a video of the incident shared on Instagram the same day.

The video shows a woman tussling with a taller person in the rain as a shirtless man pulled up another man who appeared to have fallen backwards over a chair.

The woman and her opponent both slipped and slid on the wet deck as others stepped out into the downpour to try and break up the fight between the two.

An unseen child can be heard saying: "They're fighting a girl."

A female voice replied: "Yah, how come they're fighting a girl? Oh my god."

The video is captioned: "Seriously drunk OK la but fight for what, huh? All need to go temple mediate."

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirmed that a report was lodged.

Stomp has contacted Rumours Beach Club for more info.

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