12 years of savings gone overnight: Security guard loses over $155,000 in job scam

A security guard lost his entire savings of more than $155,000 after falling prey to a job scam, transferring as much as $60,000 to fraudsters in just one day.

Mohan, 44, told Shin Min Daily News that he received a job advertisement message from 'Ambient Revue' via Telegram on June 19.

A woman named Yu Thing contacted Mohan after he expressed interest in the job, telling him to register an account on a website so that he could earn commissions by completing tasks online. However, he needed to put in money before being assigned the jobs.

Mohan recounted: "She said the money could be withdrawn together with the commission after the completion of 35 tasks. However, I had to transfer the money over first in order to complete the tasks."

Not sensing anything amiss, Mohan transferred money to various accounts 13 times from June 19 to July 28. There was even once when he transferred $59,355 in just a day. During this period, he transferred a total of $155,081.

When Mohan requested to withdraw the money, he was told to fork out another $120,000, which raised his suspicions.

He said: "Previously, they said I could withdraw the money once I completed the tasks. However, they later claimed I was too slow in completing the tasks and thus needed to pay another $120,000. That's when I realised I might have been cheated."

When Mohan said he would call the police, the scammers were unconcerned and told him to send them the police report. They said they would follow up but subsequently became uncontactable.

In response to media queries, the police confirmed that a report was lodged and investigations are ongoing.

Mohan said he has lost 12 years' worth of savings overnight and is now penniless.

He added: "I don't think I can get my money back, so I hope everyone can learn from my experience and not become the next victim."

At least 1,399 job scam victims have been conned of almost $20 million since May this year, said the police in an advisory in June.

Scammers would entice victims by offering them fake job opportunities that involve purchasing tasks on online platforms. After the victims successfully received their initial payment and commission, they would be asked to make payments for more tasks.

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