Realife: MMA world champion Angela Lee shares the battles she had to win outside the cage

Mixed martial arts (MMA) extraordinaire Angela Lee is an athlete that needs no introduction.

The 19-year-old who competes under the Singapore flag has made waves across the MMA world the past few years for the tenacity she has shown during fights.

Despite her tender age, Angela has clocked an impressive record of five wins out of her five ONE Championship bouts, some against seasoned and much more experienced opponents. 

Her accomplishments in the sport however did not come without sacrifice. 

In an interview with the Stomp Team, the bubbly sportswoman shared some of the challenges she had to overcome during her pursuit of success in MMA.

Angela also kindly demonstrated some of the 'killer moves' she utilised to score victories over her opponents in the past.

Have a look at them in the videos below.